14 Apr 2020

What's your founder superpower? Super steps to rescue your startup and get funded

As a visionary entrepreneur, you bring unique insight and expertise to your venture. But no founder is equipped to defeat every super villain that threatens to thunderbolt their startup baby. This is why it's crucial early on to identify your preferred focus in the business, and then surround yourself with people that have the skill-sets you may lack.

17 Jul 2019

Silicon Valley's Launch Festival Moves to Sydney

I recently attended a startup conference in Sydney - Launch Festival. It was such an great experience and free for founders. Here are my top 10 takeaways from a range of speakers at conference.

19 Feb 2018

Sailing in Ironbank's Earthship

Last weekend I had the opportunity to stay in Australia's first official Earthship, docked in Ironbank, Adelaide Hills. An Earthship is a passive solar house made of natural and upcycled materials, including earth-rammed tyres. The tyres are used to build external walls, creating a large thermal mass, reducing the need for heating and cooling.

08 Jan 2018

Artificial intelligence and its use in law

One of the more interesting evolutions in legal practice is the increasing application of artificial intelligence (AI). Understanding what it is, how it is being used and the difference between what is reality, media hype, science fiction, and futurists just speculating, is getting more difficult to ascertain.

15 May 2017

Startups are hard. 92% fail. Stack the odds in your favour.

A startup is a business designed for high growth. The most comprehensive study to date, by the Startup Genome Report Extra on Premature Scaling assessed 3,200 high growth web/mobile startups. This study reports 92% failed within 3 years.

05 May 2017

Feed your creative creature with boredom, selfishness and feelings

We all have a creative creature hiding inside. However, her elusive nature means that accessing original work can often be difficult. So instead of following a recipe to creativity, lets explore some unconventional approaches: boredom, emotional intensity, selfishness, no goals and Luddism.

09 Dec 2016

Gaza Sky Geeks | Startups forged in a war-zone

Entrepreneurs in the Gaza Strip are side-stepping tough restrictions to follow their startup dreams, launching new online businesses targetting the Arab world, with the help of Gazas first startup accelerator, Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG). A war-zone is a difficult place to grow a startup, with limited fuel resulting in black-outs and lack of access to outside services, goods and capital.