15 Jun 2016

Co-working: Why you should ditch your home-office for a shared space

Being new to Melbourne, I decided to try out a few of the co-working spaces across town. Initially skeptical if any real work could be achieved in these spaces, I have been surprised to discover just how great co-working can be.

02 Dec 2015

Advice from Steve Jobs on Passion in Business

People say that you have to have a lot of passion for what you do, and it is totally true. If you dont love it, you are going to give up, and thats what happens to most people. Most sane people will quit! - Steve Jobs

20 Nov 2015

Lessons from the Wolf of Wall Street

The recent Martin Scorsese film starring Leo Dicaprio tells the supposedly true and outrageous tale of the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort, the self proclaimed Wolf of Wall Street. The movie is a roller-coaster ride, following Jordan's rise to multi-million dollar success selling penny stocks, and his inevitable fall into greed, corruption and fraud. Although certainly not a business documentary, the rapid rise of the wolf has some compelling insights for business. Take a look!

18 Oct 2015

Goldilocks pricing to eliminate discounts and maximise profits

Setting your prices to capture maximum value and avoid discounts is critical to business success. One approach is to use multi-level or tiered pricing; for example a typical multi-level pricing system has 3 levels (good, better, best) or (silver, gold, platinum). Also known as Goldilocks pricing, this approach works on the principle that customers tend to avoid extremes and go for the middle option.

02 Oct 2015

On scaling your professional services or consulting business

Professional service firms focus on building strong business relationships and serving clients, not necessarily on the creation of new products or repeatable services that are easily scaled. The growth of a consultancy is typically linear, being tied to the number of consultants and hours that can be billed per project.

25 Sep 2015

Scientific study reveals the 3 rules all exceptional companies follow

In their new book The Three Rules, Raynor & Ahmed answer the ultimate business question, How do a few companies achieve exceptional performance over the long term? In every industry, there is a stand-out company that delivers exceptional profits and performance So what makes them different?

15 Sep 2015

24/7 Social Proof - How to achieve a huge increase in customer endorsements

Your customers rave about your business to their friends, but when it comes to lifting fingers to keyboard, testimonials are often difficult to come by. In this article, we provide our battle tested strategies for achieving huge success in securing online customer testimonials and endorsements.