26 Mar 2014

11 New Tips to Accomplish Great Work

Managing the distractions of email, phone calls, meetings and social media is vitally important if great work is to be accomplished. Although appealing, switching off your email and phone for days at a time is not a helpful option. In this article I offer 11 new tips for staying on task, without cancelling your Internet connection!

06 Feb 2014

Attraction Marketing - Earn Attention, Don't Buy It

The continual bombardment of our senses with commercials and branding messages has inoculated us with strong advertising resistance. With so many competing messages, its no wonder we are choosing to tune out. TV, newspapers, magazines and billboards are fast losing the battle to interrupt our diminishing attention spans.

09 Dec 2013

Audit Your Own Website - Our Top 22 Tips

The team at IdeaBank have put together a top 22 check-list for you to be able to audit your own website marketing. Now you have the ammunition to hold your website designer accountable!

03 Dec 2013

Create A Home-Page that Actually Converts

Most website home-pages are a mish-mash of content, marketing-speak and half-hearted call to actions, often the result of a compromise between management, designers and marketing staff. In this article we discuss a better way, one based on finding a clear, focused message supported by universal design principles.

20 Nov 2013

Name selection and protection for businesses, brands, services and products

In the online marketplace, selecting a business, brand, product or service name that is available and protectable, as well as memorable and easy to spell, is a difficult challenge. We outline here a new strategy for doing so, as well as provide some essential online checks and tools that you will need to achieve this creative and logistical task.

11 Nov 2013

Self-Publishing an eBook

The majority of ebooks will sell less than 150 copies, with most of these sales going to friends and family of the author (Juniper Research). However, ebook sales are growing fast with the rapid uptake of mobile devices like ipads, the kindle and ebook readers.

27 Aug 2013

How colour selection can improve your marketing results

Choosing colours for your logo, website and advertising campaigns may seem simple enough. For experienced designers, colour selection may even seem like second nature. However, colour selection is more than picking out a favourite colour and using it in a layout.